Green burials

'Green' burials at extended cemetery

Meadow, flowers

The council has developed an area at Ashby Road Cemetery in Hinckley for people who want a more environmentally-friendly method of burial for their loved ones, or a future resting place for themselves.

This area provides an alternative, natural form of burial, in which the accumulating graves will remain forever in a newly-created woodland. Although in its infancy now, this will eventually develop into a woodland and wildflower meadow.

The new natural burial area is ideal for people who wish to become part of a natural, growing process after their death. In order to ensure this area stays as natural as possible, only interments in ecological coffins such as cardboard, bamboo, wicker or similar will be permitted.

The area has been planned to recreate a traditional woodland and provides important environmental benefits for the encouragement and protection of wildlife. The area will be disturbed as little as possible by grounds maintenance teams to encourage wild flowers and nature to flourish. No memorials will mark the graves. This will make the area unsuitable for those who wish to visit a neat and tidy grave and leave floral tributes or have a traditional headstone. If anyone is interested in green burials or has any questions or queries about the creation of wildflower meadows within the cemetery, please contact cemetery services

Last updated: ‎26/02/2024 14:30