Our free trees scheme 2023

Our free tree scheme has now closed

This year, we have given away over 29,000 free trees to residents, businesses, and landowners in the borough through our sustainable free trees scheme.
Trees are essential for people, wildlife, and the environment. All trees in this scheme were native trees (those which grow naturally in the UK) which are:

  • Are best suited to our local climate and soils
  • Are essential to tackling climate change
  • Provide maximum benefit for local wildlife

The scheme required that all trees must be planted within the borough of Hinckley and Bosworth.
For further information on the benefits of tree planting, visit tree planting and nature
The species and number of trees we have given away are:

Our sponsors

Without the support of sponsors, we would not have been able to offer this many free trees. Our sponsors for this scheme are Hinckley & Rugby Building Society and the National Forest. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

Thank you also to Coop store Laundon Way, Groby and the Desford Community Library for allowing us to have tree collection points on their premises.

Last updated: 04/12/2023 11:38