How to plant your free trees

Want to plant more trees?

There are many online sellers of cell grown (planted from seed in small containers) trees, some of which offer them as gifts. These can make an excellent birthday or Christmas presents, or can be gifted or planted to mark a special occasion such as a birth or anniversary.

Applications for this year's scheme have now closed, so here are a few ideas of where you can get more trees to plant:

  • Woodland Trust online shop ( purchasing trees from the Woodland Trust also supports the charitable work of this organisation.
  • Garden centres and nurseries: you can purchase larger trees from garden centres and nurseries
  • Our free tree scheme: check back next year. If we are able to secure sponsorship in future years, we will try to continue running our free tree scheme
  • Community tree planting days: check out our social media pages and our climate change newsletter where we will advertise community tree planting days. Volunteers are encouraged to come along and help us to plant new trees on our green spaces. Similarly, keep an eye on parish council websites for any tree planting events they may be planning
  • The National Forest ( you can dedicate a tree or help plant a tree in the National Forest
  • Grow your own: Autumn is the perfect time of year to collect seed from local trees and woodland, which can be grown at home in small pots to plant out in the garden, or to give to friends when the trees are big enough

Last updated: 13/12/2022 09:58