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What are the effects of a pest control treatment?


Are there any health risks?

During the treatment, the fully qualified officer will take all the necessary precautions to protect both you and them. They will also explain carefully any further precautions you should take and will leave you an advice card that specifies details of the material used and any precautions necessary.

The chemicals used against insects are very effective and aren't very toxic for humans and most household pets. However, it is a good idea to avoid contact with treated surfaces until any spray has dried. Insect treatments present little risk because they are specific to insects. If you keep insects as pets, then ensure they do not come into contact with treated surfaces. Please note, fish should be removed from the room until the spray has dried.

Rat and mouse treatments may involve placing poison in bait containers in safe and appropriate points. If someone comes into contact with the poison, it is essential to wash the area of contact thoroughly. If a poison is eaten, the person should be taken to hospital together with the information card left with you, showing the poison used and the antidote. If a pet eats the bait, take it to your vet together with the information card, which shows the poison used.

What if the treatment does not work?

It is quite usual for a rat or mouse to eat bait or an insect to crawl over a treated area and appear not to be affected. The poison will take effect, but it may take several days. Because of this, the council has set a limit of six weeks, within which any internal infestation of insects will be retreated free of charge. If an infestation reoccurs after six weeks, it will be classed as a new treatment and charged at the normal rates.

Will the treatment damage my house?

All internal treatments use materials which are designed specifically for that purpose, so no problems should arise. In the case of insects, the insecticide, when it dries, can leave a white discoloration. This can be easily removed by a vacuum cleaner, but please leave it as long as possible, otherwise the treatment may not be effective.

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