Our pest control service

Pest control appointments

How to book an appointment

To make an appointment for a pest control treatment, call our Contact Centre on 01455 238141.

Where possible, the pest control officer will visit within three days of your initial contact. It is understood that a customer may sometimes request an appointment to suit them that is outside the three-day period. However, during busy periods, this response time may not be achievable.

What are the charges?

The charges for pest control treatment are as follows:

  • Rats: £20
  • Mice: £61.80
  • Insects: £61.80

We can offer a reduced rate for customers who receive housing benefit or council tax support. If you don't receive these benefits but are on income support or universal credit, we will need documentary evidence from you, such as your award letter, when you book your appointment.

The reduced rate charges are:

  • Rats: free of charge
  • Mice: £30.90
  • Insects: £30.90

Charges for multiple wasp nests

During warm weather, some properties have several wasp nests in different parts of their property. If you need to book a pest control appointment to deal with more than one nest on your property, the charges are as follows:

  • £61.80 for the first nest and £30.90 for each additional nest
  • Reduced rate charge £30.90 for the first nest and £15.50 for each additional nest

How to pay

When you make the appointment, you will be asked to pay by debit or credit card. If you book an appointment and pay for the wrong type of pest (for example, mice when you have rats), the operative that does your treatment will advise you if you are entitled to any refund.

Cancelling an appointment

For more information see cancellation of services

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