Planning application - business

How to apply for permission

Find out whether you need planning permission for your business and how to apply.

Most work on land or buildings, as well as many changes of use to business premises, needs planning permission. 

Advertising signs may also need permission, as may anything that disturbs land, for example, the installation of outside plant or the tipping of refuse.

Pre application advice

Please read our pre application advice before applying for planning permission.

If your proposal does not meet the necessary criteria set out in our pre application advice, please refer to the booklet 'A guide for business' published by the Cabinet Office. This is a guide to the planning system for businesses in England. It provides guidance on when planning permission is required, how to make a planning application, and what happens afterwards. However, it is not an authoritative interpretation of the law. If after reading this booklet you are still unclear how to proceed, you should contact us for advice.

Further information