Applying for new postal addresses

How to apply for an address change

You can apply online or in writing.

Before making your application, please refer to:

Please provide as much information as possible. Where we ask for a planning permission number, this should relate to the development of the site. You may wish to include a layout plan indicating the main points of access to each plot (please check the planning submission includes such a plan if you are not submitting one at this stage).

If you wish to rename an existing street, please be aware that the authority will consult all residents of the street in question, and will only authorise a change if there is a two-thirds majority in favour of the change. Any compensation to residents/occupants will be met by the applicant.

Applying online

You will be taken to the online payments page on submitting your form.

Apply for a postal address

Applying in writing

Please contact the Land and Property Data Manager. We will send you a form to complete and you will need to return this to us with the appropriate fee.

Last updated: 17/05/2023 09:52