Recycling sites ('bring banks')

General information

Local recycling sites

Typical items you can take to a recycling bank are glass, cans, paper, cardboard, plastic and small appliances. However, you will need to check which items a specific recycling site accepts. Follow the link below to locate a recycling site and find out what they accept:

Visit the Recycle Now website to find details of local and country wide recycling sites.

Small electrical items

The council now provides banks for the recycling of small electrical items. More information is provided on the small electrical appliances page.

Household recycling only

Please note: recycling sites operated by the Borough Council are for the recycling of household waste only. It is an offence to deposit waste arising from shops, offices or businesses at these sites, even for recycling.

Problems? Overflowing banks?

If you notice problems at the sites or you would like to share ideas or suggestions, please call the helpline on 01455 238141 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Last updated: ‎06/02/2024 09:39