Recycling sites ('bring banks')

History of recycling banks

The first recycling banks were introduced in the borough as long ago as 1980. These were four bottle banks which were sited at ASDA and the Co-operative supermarkets in Hinckley, St Mary's Car Park in Hinckley and Wood Street Car Park in Earl Shilton.  Additional bottle banks were later sited at the old Gateway and Safeway supermarkets in Hinckley (now Tesco and Morrisons respectively), and Stanley Street Car Park in Barwell.

Paper banks were then introduced to the borough in 1989, with 10 sites being provided across Hinckley, Barwell, Burbage and Earl Shilton.

In 1993, the council began to introduce recycling sites at some of the larger villages in the borough area: Barlestone, Desford, Groby, Market Bosworth, Markfield, Newbold Verdon and Ratby being the first of these.

Since then, the council has continually expanded both the number of recycling sites it provides and, where possible, the materials that these can accept. 

Recycling sites continue to play an important role in helping the council to achieve successful recycling performance and service. Recycling sites still account for around 13% of all material that the council recycles - that's an impressive 1,000 tonnes each year.

Last updated: 06/02/2024 09:40