About fly-tipping

Why is fly-tipping a problem?

Fly-tipping, or illegal dumping of waste, is unsightly for local communities and causes harm to the environment. It is also costly to clear away.

It is a problem in our borough because:

  • We had more than 1,320 reports of fly-tipping last year
  • It poses a threat to humans and wildlife and damages our environment

Below is a list of the 10 most affected areas in the borough:

  1. Burton Road, Wellsborough
  2. Burton Road, Twycross
  3. Church Street, Twycross
  4. Kirkby Lane, Barwell
  5. Atherstone Road, Fenny Drayton
  6. Drayton Lane, Fenny Drayton
  7. Bagworth Road, Barlestone
  8. Fox Covert lane, Stoke Golding
  9. Green Lane, Barton In The Beans
  10. Heath Road, Bagworth Heath, Bagworth

‎Last updated: 08/01/2024 09:59