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The facility to manage business rates will be unavailable 20 to 26 February. The facility to manage council tax and benefits will be unavailable 22 to 26 February. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Who to call if you have a problem with a drain

Properties we own 

We are responsible for the drains we own. This is all council properties and in certain cases industrial units. Please call 01455 238141. How to contact us in an emergency

Private properties

The council no longer offers a drain clearance service to domestic properties where the blockage is within the property boundary and only affects that property. As a property owner, you must contact a private contractor to have blockages removed. If a blockage affects more than one property or a drain shared by more than one property, please contact Severn Trent Water on 0800 783 4444.

Blockages in the road

If you notice a blockage in the road or an overflowing manhole cover then it will either be the responsibility of:

An item dropped down a drain

If you drop an item down a road drain, please contact Leicestershire County Council: roadside drains (

Further information: