Discretionary housing payments

Receiving and backdating payments

How much payment can I receive and how long for?

We look at all cases individually. In order to assess if we can help, we will ask you to complete a discretionary housing payment form. The questions on this form ask for details of your circumstances and expenditure that are not included on the benefit application form.

If we are able to help you, we will award the payment for a fixed short period only. This period will depend on whether the need is likely to be short term, for the period until your tenancy ends and you can move or until you can reasonably be expected to find a solution to the shortfall. The payment will be made with your housing benefit payment. This means that if your housing benefit is normally paid into the bank, your discretionary housing payment will also be paid into your bank account.

Can discretionary payments be backdated?

Yes, but remember that discretionary housing payments are usually only awarded for short periods of time.

Last updated: ‎14/06/2023 11:35