Discretionary discount fund

About the discretionary discount fund

The discretionary discount fund is available for those in severe financial hardship who are in receipt of council tax support but still cannot afford their council tax payments.

There are no automatic entitlements to receiving a discretionary discount; the same rules apply as with discretionary housing payments: each case will be considered on its own merits. However the person must be in severe financial hardship.

A discretionary discount would not be considered for the following:

  • Non-dependant deductions from council tax support
  • Increases in council tax due to arrears on top of your normal council tax
  • Where your benefit/council tax support has been suspended because you have not supplied information to support your claim
  • Any reduction in benefit/support because you did not go to a work-related interview
  • Any reduction or loss of benefit due to a jobseeker's allowance employment sanction
  • Any reduction in benefit/support due to a reduced benefit direction or because you have not co-operated when arranging maintenance
  • Any repayments of an overpayment deducted from your council tax support

Last updated: ‎19/06/2023 09:57