Council tax support appeals and disputes

What happens after a dispute is made?

If you have asked for the decision to be looked at again we will do this and we will write to you.

If we find that an unlawful decision has been made we will revise it.

If we cannot change the decision we will explain why we are unable to change it.

If you still disagree with the decision after it has been looked at again, or two months have passed since you asked for it to be looked at again and you have not received a reply, you can appeal directly to an independent organisation called The Valuation Tribunal (GOV.UK)

More information about appealing to the valuation tribunal will be given after we have looked at our decision again.

The Valuation Tribunal will only be able to make sure that the council tax support decision has been made correctly according to the local scheme.

Last updated: ‎14/07/2023 13:08