How to apply for a premises licence

Provisional statements and planning issues

Where premises are being built, extended or substantially changed structurally, the necessary investment may not be committed unless investors are assured that:

  • The project has appropriate planning permission
  • They have some additional assurance that a premises licence would be granted for the premises when the building work is completed.

The applicant could be a firm of architects, a construction company or a financier. The application must describe the work to be done and the licensable activities intended to take place on completion. The application must be advertised and copied to the responsible authorities in a similar way to the arrangements for an application for a premises licence.

Planning issues

The use of any licensed premises is subject to strict planning controls. There are several key differences between licensing and planning control. The most significant is that planning is concerned with how land is used, whereas licensing is concerned with ensuring that public safety in its widest sense is protected. All applicants should contact the planning department and check the use class of the premises and the hours of operation granted by the planning authority prior to making an application for a premises licence.


Prospective holders of new premises licences and those seeking variations to existing premises licences are advised to consult the responsible authorities at the earliest possible stage to reduce the risk of confusion and disputes arising.

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