How to apply for a premises licence

Licences at various locations

Internet and mail order sales

In considering applications for a premises licence involving internet or mail order sales, the place from which the alcohol is sent will require the licence: that is, the location of the stock.

For example, the warehouse from which alcohol is sent would be the premises to be licensed and not the a call centre from where the alcohol was ordered.


Where a premises licence is sought in connection with a boat or ship, the main focus will be on the licensable activities and not the safe navigation of the vessel. This is covered under separate legislation. The Environment agency or the British Waterways Board will be consulted on all applications.


Where a premises licence is sought in connection with the sale of alcohol from a vehicle that is parked or stationary, such as a mobile bar providing alcohol or hot refreshment, the application will be considered in relation to the place where the sales are to take place.

Trains and aircraft

Railway vehicles and aircraft on journeys are exempt from the licensing regime. However, defunct aircraft and railway carriages used or converted as restaurants and bars that remain in a fixed position will require a premises licence.

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