How to apply for a premises licence

Home and internet-based businesses

What licences are required to sell/supply alcohol from a home-based business?

The sale by retail of alcohol is a licensable activity and may only be carried out if the correct licences are in place.

Therefore, if you are considering starting up a business from home which includes the sale or supply of alcohol, you must ensure that you apply for the relevant licences and do not commence any licensable activities until the licences have been granted.

To sell alcohol from your premises if your business is based at your home address you are required to have a premises licence granted, and for at least one person in the business to have a personal licence. That person is responsible for all sales of alcohol.

The following two licences must be applied for and granted before you can start selling alcohol:

  • Premises licence: required for the premises where alcohol will be distributed/delivered from
  • Personal licence: a personal licence is granted to the individual and allows the holder to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol in accordance with and under the terms of a premises licence

Once you have your personal licence, you will nominate yourself to become the ‘designated premises supervisor’ and name yourself on the premises licence.

Every premises licence that allows the sale of alcohol by retail must have a designated premises supervisor named on the premises licence (this is a legal requirement).

Remote and internet sales - general information

The place where the order for alcohol or payment for alcohol takes place may not be the same as the place where the alcohol is appropriated to the contract (that is, the place where it is identified and specifically set apart for delivery to the purchaser). This position can arise when sales are made online, by telephone, or mail order.

It will be the premises at this location which needs to be licensed. For example, a call centre receiving orders for alcohol would not need a licence but the warehouse or home address where the alcohol is stored and specifically selected for and despatched to the purchaser would need to be licensed.

These licensed premises will be subject to conditions including the times of day during which alcohol may be sold.

The premises licence will also be subject to the mandatory licence conditions (GOV.UK)

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