Premises licence and club certificates - minor variations

Application guidance notes

General note

The minor variations process can only be used for variations that could have no adverse impact on the promotion of any of the four licensing objectives. These are the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm.

Description of premises

This should include, for example, the type of premises, its general situation and layout, and any other information which could be relevant to the licensing objectives. This should include any activities in, or associated with, the use of the premises, which may give rise to concern in respect of children, regardless of whether you intend children to have access to the premises. This could be, for example, nudity or semi-nudity, films for restricted age groups, the presence of gaming machines, and other age sensitive media or activities.

Details of the application

Give full details of all the proposed variation(s). These should include a description of the proposed variation(s), in terms as precise as possible. Failure to provide sufficient information may lead to the refusal of your application.

You should cover each of the licensing objectives that could possibly apply to your proposal (or if more than one, to each proposal) and say why you think there could be no adverse impact on that objective. Your application will be assisted by including as much information as you can about this.

Variations to licensable activities/licensing hours

All timings should be given in 24-hour clock (such as 16:00). Only give details for the days of the week when you intend the premises to be used for the activity, such as: 

  • Whether new or increased levels of licensable activities will be taking place indoors or outdoors (indoors may include a tent)
  • Relevant further details, for example whether music will be amplified or unamplified
  • Standard days and timing when the activity will take place, including start and finish times
  • Any seasonal variations in timings, such as additional days during the summer
  • Non-standard timings, for example, where you wish the activity to go on longer on a particular day such as Christmas Eve


If you are applying for a variation to the layout of your premises, you must include a revised plan. You should be aware that your application is likely to be refused if the proposed variation could:

  • Increase capacity for drinking on the premises
  • Affect access between the public part of the premises and the rest of the premises or the street or public way. For example, blocking emergency exits or routes to emergency exits
  • Impede the effective operation of a noise reduction measure

More information about what to put on your plan

Revisions, removals and additions of conditions

The minor variation process may be used to remove conditions which are out of date or invalid and to revise conditions which are unclear (as long as the intention and effect remains the same). It can also be used to add a new condition volunteered by the applicant or mutually agreed between the applicant and a responsible authority, such as the police or the environmental health authority (subject to impact on the licensing objectives).

Variations to opening hours

Details of any changes to hours when the premises or club is open to the public.

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