Empty properties - advice

Looking after your empty property

Ensure that you inspect your empty property frequently.

Reduce the risk of your home being broken into by removing post regularly, hanging net curtains in the windows rather than leaving curtains closed and ensuring equipment and renovation materials are securely locked away at night.

Turn off your mains water, electricity and gas. If the property is to be empty a while, it's worthwhile considering draining all water systems down or in winter months setting the heating to come on for short intervals to reduce the risk of burst pipes.

Make sure that at all times that front and rear gardens are well maintained to avoid complaints and reduce the attraction for vermin. Quickly remove all rubbish and waste from the property as well because this is sure to attract vermin or other pests.

Keep your property insured with a specialist empty home insurance. Most home insurance policies do not cover properties that are empty longer than 30 days, so ensure you have the correct cover. It is rare, but long term empty properties have been affected by arson in the past, so you are strongly advised to have a specialist empty property insurance policy on the property.

Do all that you can to bring your empty property back into use as quickly as possible. Properties can deteriorate quickly when they are not in use, blighting areas and reducing the value of the home itself and sometimes nearby properties too.

Last updated: ‎11/03/2024 15:05