Hate crime

How to report a hate incident or crime

A hate incident or crime is where you or someone else has been targeted because they or you are believed to be different, or any incident or crime which you believe was motivated by: disability, gender identity, race, religion/belief or sexual orientation.

A hate incident or crime may be physical, verbal or written, and can take many forms including:

  • A physical attack – such as physical assault, damage to property, offensive graffiti
  • A threat of attack – including offensive letters, abusive or obscene calls
  • Verbal abuse or insults
  • Offensive leaflets and posters, hate mail, abusive gestures, dumping of rubbish outside homes
  • Harassment, bullying and victimisation

Harassment is ‘unwanted behaviour that a person finds intimidating, upsetting, embarrassing, humiliating or offensive’

The impact of a hate incident or crime can leave an individual feeling isolated, vulnerable, bullied, targeted and ridiculed for being different and can be an aggravating factor of anti-social behaviour.

Report hate crime:

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