Car parks financial information

The Local Government Transparency Code

This code requires that all local councils must now publish their account information showing revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and penalty charge notices and associated expenditure.

The council has no jurisdiction in respect of on-street parking. Details of this are available from cars and parking (

The following is the information relating to our off-street car parks.

Financial year 2018 to 2019

Car park expenditure with amount:

  • Employees: £96,911.99
  • Premises: £239,254.61
  • Transport: £603.49
  • Supplies and services: £93,482.79
  • Central and administrative: £60,651.89
  • Total expenditure: £490,904.77

Car park income with amount:

  • Enforcement: £34,209.00
  • Season tickets: £60,695
  • Pay and display: £568,224.48
  • Contribution from outside bodies: £0
  • Other income: £1,789.60
  • Total income: £664,917.94

Surplus/deficit with amount:

  • Difference: £174,013.17

Location of the car parks we operate

View full details of the Local government transparency code 2015 (GOV.UK)

When there is a surplus, under Section 55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act (1984) there are a number of areas which the car parking account can fund. These areas include, but are not limited to: 

  • Transport, highway or road improvements 
  • Environmental improvements (including reduction of pollution and improvement or maintenance of amenity)
  • Provision of outdoor recreational facilities available to the public without charge  

During 2018/19 our expenditure included the following:

  • Environmental protection: £232,101.22
  • Street cleansing and enforcement: £920,073.03
  • Highways and transportation: £104,842.77
  • Street furniture: £5,392.61
  • Car park resurfacing: £31,249.50
  • Total expenditure:  £1,293,659.13

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