Senior management interim structure

Structure of the organisation with contact details

Chief Executive

(Head of Paid Service)

Bill Cullen

Bill Cullen

(E.A. Jo McLaren 01455 255737)

Director (Community & Development Services)

Sharon Stacey

Sharon Stacey

(E.A. Donna Hamlett 01455 255934)

Community Services and Safeguarding Manager

Rachel Burgess
01455 265400

Head of Housing and Environmental Services

Madeline Shellard
01455 255580

Cultural Services Manager

Simon Jones
01455 255699

Head of Planning

Chris Brown
01455 255970

Environmental Services Manager

Rosemary Leach
01455 255923

Director (Corporate & Streetscene Services)

Julie Kenny

Julie Kenny

[and Monitoring Officer]
(E.A. Sonia Timmington 01455 255676)

Head of Leics Revs and Bens Partnership (HBBC, NWLDC, HDC)

Sally O'Hanlon
01455 638150

HR, Legal and Transformation Manager

Julie Stay
01455 255688

Communications Manager

Jacqueline Puffett
01455 255630

Head of Street Scene Services

Caroline Roffey
01455 255782

Democratic Services Manager

Rebecca Owen
01455 255879

Strategic Head of ICT Shared Service, Leicestershire ICT Partnership

John Palmer
01455 255900

Head of Finance [Sec 151 Officer]

Ashley Wilson
01455 255609

Estates and Assets Manager

Malcolm Evans
01455 255614

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