How to apply for a personal licence

Licence summary

A personal licence is separate from a premises licence, which is used for the supply of alcohol.

Licensing of individuals separately from the licensing of premises allows personal licence holders to work in different pubs, allowing greater flexibility. The act also provides the police and licensing authorities with powers to deal with errant personal licence holders.

A personal licence authorises you to supply alcohol from premises with a premises licence.

Anybody can apply for a personal licence, whether or not you are currently employed or have business interests associated with the use of the licence. An individual may hold only one personal licence at any one time.

Under previous legislation personal licences expired after 10 years if they were not renewed. However, earlier this year the government brought in new legislation through a deregulation bill that means that you no longer need to renew a personal licence. This means that your personal licence is now valid indefinitely unless surrendered, suspended, revoked or declared forfeit by the courts.

Current personal licence holders

Under section 127 of the Licensing Act 2003, you must as soon as possible notify us of any change in your name or address or if you are convicted of a relevant offence or a foreign offence. It is a further offence not to do so, carrying a fine of up to £500 upon conviction. A personal licence can be surrendered at any time.

To make a change on your personal licence you should send us:

  • A letter explaining what you are changing
  • Both parts of your personal licence
  • One new photograph
  • If you change your name, a marriage certificate or certificate of deed poll
  • A payment of £10.50. Cheques must be made payable to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council or you can pay by debit or credit card (2.2% surcharge payable)

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