How to apply for a personal licence

Disclosure of convictions and declaration

You will be asked on the application form to give details of any convictions you have against you.

The subsequent checks on your basic disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (GOV.UK) will serve to confirm the information provided. Any person that does not supply a full, completed application form may lead these bodies to take the view that a deliberate attempt has been made to hide convictions.

It is a criminal offence to make a false declaration to obtain a licence. Convictions will not necessarily stop an applicant being successful. If a relevant conviction is revealed which takes the matter outside of our policy on the relevance of convictions, the matter will be referred to us at our licensing committee where a hearing will be held to decide the application. The convictions provided will be taken into account and enable us to consider the matter.

Please note, any such criminal record check is only valid for one calendar month after the date of issue and we need the original.

All information received will remain strictly confidential and be securely stored only as long as is necessary.

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