How to apply for a personal licence

Current personal licence holders

Changes you must tell us about

Under section 127 of the Licensing Act 2003, you must notify us as soon as possible of any of the following:

  • A change in your name
  • A change of address
  • If you are convicted of a relevant offence or a foreign offence

It is a further offence not to do so, carrying a fine of up to £500 upon conviction.

How to request a change to your personal licence or a replacement licence

To make a change on your personal licence or to request a replacement:

Change the details on a personal licence

Alternatively, contact Licensing explaining what you are changing or why you need a replacement.

What else we need

You must also send us:

  • Both parts of your existing personal licence (if you have them or an explanation why you can't send them)
  • One new passport style photograph (only if your licence is more than three years old)
  • If you change your name, your marriage certificate or certificate of deed poll
  • A payment of £10.50 made by debit or credit card or by cheque (Cheques must be made payable to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council)

A personal licence can be surrendered at any time.

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