Digital strategy

A digital strategy for the Leicestershire Districts ICT Partnership

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We live in rapidly changing times with our view of the world increasingly being seen through a digital lens. Social media, smartphones and the internet are creating a new future that is not just about technology but also about social, cultural and business change.

As a shared services partnership, we play a major role in introducing and managing the new technologies that not only support our councils, but are also demanded by our customers who are already used to communicating, shopping, banking and organising their lives using digital channels and platforms, and making sure they have the confidence to do this in a safe and secure way.

To keep pace with our customers’ expectations, we need to have a clear strategy to introduce, manage and use digital technologies that make it easier than ever before for our residents to access council services digitally.

We will deliver the objectives of this strategy through the implementation of a supporting action plan.

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The vision for 2018 to 2022: 'We will enable communities and councils to make the most of the digital age.'

1. Create communities who are digital by CHOICE to enable our customers to have easier access to services that meet their expectations

  • We will routinely identify digital opportunities as part of our standard service
  • Ambition and innovation is to be embedded in our approach
  • We will be delivering our work against a single view driven by the customer

2. Support a WELL EQUIPPED, agile workforce with the right skills, tools and abilities to provide efficient and effective services to meet our customer requirements

  • We will develop and improve our service by analysing the problem and finding the right technology, not by changing our working to fit technology
  • Our workers will have the right skills and tools to do their job wherever they need it
  • We will have access to the right documentation at the right time to support our work
  • We will be maximising the potential of our data (including data sharing)

3. EMPOWER our residents, businesses and workforce to make the most of digital opportunities

  • Our workforce, members and residents will have had opportunities to learn and develop digital skills and have the confidence to use them
  • Our future residents, businesses and customers will be able to access the services they need through the most appropriate channel for them

4. Facilitate and promote the delivery of improved digital INFRASTRUCTURE for our residents and businesses

  • We will encourage the development of a robust and reliable infrastructure to support mobile connectivity
  • We will influence the availability of accessible and high quality broadband and Wi-Fi
  • We will support the development of digital high streets
  • We will create and maintain customer portals where customers can use self-serve technologies

5. Build SAFE, SECURE and STRONG, connected communities by improving access to digital services and infrastructure

  • We will work together to develop safe and secure communities
  • We will create opportunities to develop the skills, capability and confidence within our communities
  • We will embed volunteering
  • We will create and support virtual communities (addressing social isolation)

6. Drive EFFICIENCY in the development and delivery of effective digital services

  • We will take every opportunity to consolidate applications, services and infrastructure
  • We will embrace and adopt investment opportunities in new technologies e.g. cloud
  • We will introduce automation to expedite the efficient delivery of routine services and processes

7. WORKING WITH PARTNERS to maximise the potential benefits of digital opportunities

  • We will take every opportunity to work with other partners
  • We will be responsive to working with different partners to deliver our objectives
  • We will seek to identify new partners to work with who are able to contribute to our vision
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