Flooding, leaks and blockages

What to do if you have a flood, leak or blockage



If you are flooded, knowing where the water came from will help you know which agency to contact. An overview of flooding and who to contact for help

The responsibility for flooding is complicated and it may be Severn Trent Water, Leicestershire County Council, the owner of the land next to the watercourse or the company that built the houses that are responsible.

Who to contact if there is flooding from foul and surface water sewers:

In our area, Severn Trent Water Plc is responsible for flooding from foul and surface sewers, but only where these have been adopted and are not privately owned.

If the flood is from a sewer, particularly if foul sewage is present, you should contact Severn Trent on 0800 783 4444 or visit the Severn Trent website (severntrent.com)

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