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To report fly-tipping tell us:

  • Where the waste is and if it is near to water (such as a stream or river).
  • What has been dumped and how much
  • Details of the incident such as description and number of people involved
  • Make, colour and registration of vehicle and any special markings
  • Your details (optional)
Report fly-tipping

We aim to remove fly-tipping within five working days. There may be a delay for heavy items.

If you find illegally dumped waste, please remember:

  • Don't disturb the site in case there is evidence that could lead to catching and prosecuting those responsible
  • Don't touch the waste because it may include toxic chemicals, asbestos or broken glass
  • Visually inspect the waste so you can pass accurate information on
  • However, do not do anything that could put yourself in danger

Please note: It is always the responsibility of the landowner to clear up fly-tipping on their land.

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