About fly-tipping

What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping involves illegally dumping waste on public or private land. Fly-tipping can be found anywhere including footpaths, lay-bys or on private land.

Most fly-tipping is from tyres and building/demolition waste. Hazardous waste (such as oil, asbestos sheeting and chemicals) is potentially a threat to humans and wildlife, and can damage our environment, so please help us by reporting incidents as soon as you can. The Clean Neighbourhoods Team will investigate and try to identify the offender(s) and, if successful, enforcement action can be taken. If you have watched or have evidence of someone illegally dumping waste, please report this to us, even if the waste is on private land.

You can report fly-tipping:

  • On public land
  • From your land: request a quote
  • For us to take enforcement action (public or private land)

Last updated: ‎08/01/2024 09:59