How to vote

About voting

Poll cards are normally delivered to all registered electors around three to four weeks before an election, usually before the deadline for applications for postal or proxy votes.

If your poll card shows incorrect information, you may need to re-register to vote. If you have already done this, you should contact Electoral Services.

Each member of the household who is eligible to vote should receive a poll card, which informs them of the date of the election, where their polling station is and the time you can vote. You do not need to take the card with you to be able to vote.

If you have not received a poll card two weeks prior to an election, please contact us and we will check to see if you are registered and inform you where your polling station is.

The hours of poll for all elections are 7am to 10pm.

Postal poll cards and proxy poll cards are also sent to all electors who are registered to vote by post or by proxy. In the case of postal votes, this will give details of the address the postal vote will be sent to and an estimated date as to when the postal vote pack will be sent.

Postal votes are sent out several days before an election. This is to ensure that electors have sufficient time to receive their ballot paper and return it. Postal votes must be received by the close of poll on the day of the election. They may also be delivered to any polling station in the appropriate electoral area on the day of the election.