Community right to bid

Nominate an asset in your community

To nominate an asset of community value, provide:

  • Details of your organisation
  • Your contact details
  • Details of your nomination:
    • Name and address of property or land
    • Name of anyone who occupies the property or land
    • Name and address of anyone who owns the freehold of the land
    • Name and address of anyone who has a leasehold interest in the property
    • How the premises or land currently benefits the community
    • How the premises or land could benefit the community if listed as an asset of community value
  • Copy of your organisation's rules
  • Map of the property or land*

*Please note you must provide a map of the property or land when you submit your application (you can upload this in the online form). The map must show boundaries, size and approximate position of any buildings and any roads that border the site.

Nominate an asset

Alternatively, request a form from us: contact Planning Policy

Assets of community value register

We publish a register of nominated assets of community value online: Assets of Community Value Register

Last updated: 21/07/2022, 10:35