How we measure tenant satisfaction

Our tenant satisfaction measures and how we collect the information

At Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, your feedback is important to us.

For many years, we have run an annual tenant satisfaction survey, to find out how our tenants feel about the services we provide. With a new government initiative now taking effect, the way we survey our tenants is changing.

In April 2023, the Regulator of Social Housing (GOV.UK), the government body that we report to, has introduced a new way to measure how tenants feel about their landlords, called Tenant Satisfaction Measures (GOV.UK)

This new way of measuring tenant satisfaction will enable social housing tenants to compare their landlord’s performance with other landlords, and hold them to account.

To play our part in delivering this nation-wide service, we are inviting around 600 of our tenants to take part in the survey. Tenants, who will be selected randomly, will receive a phone call between December 2023 and February 2024.

The tenant satisfaction measures

There are 22 tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs), which are split into two categories:

  • 10 performance measures that are collected through information about safety and performance
  • 12 customer perception survey measures that will be collected through surveying customers directly

The TSMs cover the following key areas:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Keeping properties in a good state of repair
  • Maintaining building safety 
  • Treating tenants fairly and with respect
  • Helpful tenant engagement  
  • Effective handling of complaints
  • How anti-social behaviour is dealt with 
  • Responsible neighbourhood management

Surveying our council tenants

We have commissioned HouseMark ( to survey our tenants for us. Service Insights Ltd ( will be making the calls to our social housing tenants, randomly selected by invitation to participate.

If you are invited, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take part in the survey. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and will provide us with valuable feedback to help improve our services.

The invitation call will come from a Hinckley area code (01455). If you are not able to answer the call, our chosen service partner Services Insights Ltd will leave a voicemail message and call you back on a later date.

Survey results

The responses our partners receive are collected by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and reviewed. We will use the received feedback to get an understanding of where we might be able to improve our services. Each year, all responses collected are submitted to the Regulator of Social Housing, who will track the sector's performance. We will also publish the responses on our website and in our six-monthly tenant newsletter.

Providing feedback on your tenancy

If you are not contacted to be a part of the Tenancy Satisfaction Measures survey, we still welcome your feedback to see where we could improve.

Find out how you can get in touch by visiting housing feedback - feedback and issues

Last updated: 04/01/2024 15:34