The Gambling Act 2005 - overview

Premises licences

The Gambling Act 2005 introduced the following categories of premises licence with only one category per licence, and one licence per premises:

  • Casinos (regional, large, or small)
  • Bingo
  • Adult gaming centre
  • Family entertainment centre
  • Betting
  • Tracks (there are different rules relating to track premises licences)

The act also allows a system of permits and notifications for:

  • Unlicensed family entertainment centres
  • Clubs
  • Pubs (notification)
  • Pubs (permit)
  • Travelling fairs

Provisional statements

A person would apply for a provisional statement in the following circumstances:

  • A gambling premises is going to be built 
  • A premises is to be altered to use it for the provision of gambling facilities
  • A person is going to acquire the right to occupy a premises that they wish to use for the provision of gambling facilities

The granting of a provisional statement would give a person in the above situations a level of assurance of the likely outcome of a premises licence application, made in respect of the premises which they are in the process of, for example, building. This would help them to decide whether the project was worth pursuing.

Unlike a premises licence application, a person can apply for a provisional statement without having an operating licence or a right to occupy the premises.

As well as providing a level of assurance as to the outcome of a subsequent premises licence application, a provisional statement also provides the holder with some protection against representations when they make an application for a premises licence in relation to the premises for which they hold a provisional statement.


These are required for premises where gambling facilities with very low stakes and prizes are provided, or premises where gambling is not the main function. Permits regulate gambling and the uses of gaming machines in a specific premises.

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