The Gambling Act 2005 - overview

Occasional use notices

Occasional use notices permit a track to be used for the purpose of betting without a premises licence providing it is used for betting on no more than eight days in a calendar year.

The meaning of 'track' in the Gambling Act 2005 is not just limited to racecourses or greyhound tracks. This also comprises any other premises in which a race or sporting event takes place.

The person responsible for the administration of a track or an occupier of the track must serve notice to the licensing authority. A copy of notice must also be sent to the Chief of Police for the area in which the track is located. The notice must specify the day upon which the notice is to take effect. It can also cover consecutive days, providing they do not exceed eight days in a year. If the track has not been subject to occasional use notices totalling eight days (there is no provision for objections or counter-notices) then betting will be permitted.

Last updated: ‎10/10/2023 16:10