Entitled to a discount or exemption or a benefit?


Council tax discounts and exemptions

Several different discounts and exemptions are available depending on the liable persons circumstances, or the status of the property you are liable to pay council tax for.

You may be entitled to a discount based on your circumstances 
For example, you might live on your own, be a student, have disabilities or be a carer

You may be entitled to an exemption based on the status of the property
For example, it may be empty (due to special circumstances), or solely occupied by students

Find out more about the types of discounts and exemptions available

If you are entitled to a council tax discount or exemption and are on a low income you may also be eligible for council tax support.


You can use a benefit calculator to check your entitlement to any of the below benefits.

The calculator will also advise about any other benefits you may be entitled to.

Council tax support

Council tax support is help given to people on a low income to help towards their council tax. You can claim whether you are working, unemployed, retired, or receiving income support or any other benefits. You must be the person liable to pay council tax.

More information on how to apply for help in paying council tax

Second adult rebate

If you are liable to pay council tax and over pension age, and another adult living in your property is on a low income, you may be able to claim a reduction in your council tax bill called second adult rebate
If you have more than one other adult living with you, you may still get second adult rebate if they are all on a low income.

Find out more about second adult rebate

Please note that If your circumstances mean that you qualify for both second adult rebate and council tax support then you will be paid whichever of these reductions is the highest. You will not receive both.

Housing benefit

If you are on a low income and have either reached state pension age, live in supported accommodation, or have been placed in temporary accommodation by the council, you may be entitled to help with paying your rent. 

Otherwise, all working age people need to make a claim for universal credit

Universal credit payments will include any eligible help towards rent costs. 

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