Business rates - collection and enforcement

Business rate reminder notice


If your monthly payment has not been received by the date shown on your most recently issued bill, we will send you a reminder and request that payment is made within seven days of the date the reminder was issued.

What will happen if I do not pay the reminder within the time stated?

We will cancel your right to pay by monthly instalments and the year's remaining balance will be due and payable immediately. If the year's balance is not paid within a certain time, you will be summoned to appear at the magistrates' court.

What if I have an outstanding appeal against my rateable value?

Payments should still be made in accordance with the schedule stipulated on your most recently issued bill.

What if I have a query regarding liability/change of circumstances?

Please contact the Business Rates Team immediately on 01455 265460, option three, or call into the Hub to discuss the query with the Customer Services Team.

I am unable to pay the amount requested on the reminder, what should I do?

We may be able to consider a short term payment agreement, which will be dependent on previous payment history. Please contact a member of the Business Rates Team on 01455 265450, option three.

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Last updated: 29/01/2024 13:21