Election jobs

Postal vote opener

The postal vote issue/opening team

The purpose of the postal vote issuing/opening process is to ensure that electors, or their proxies, who have chosen to vote by post, rather than in person at a polling station, receive a postal voting pack with correctly numbered ballot paper(s), and that returned postal votes are opened, checked and tallied in a secure manner. Votes for candidates are not counted as part of this process.

Teams of clerks are employed either for a full day (postal issue) or half day (postal opening) in the days leading up to election day, on days and at times as designated by the Returning Officer.

Postal vote clerks

The role of the postal vote clerk is not difficult, but the greatest of care has to be taken to ensure that mistakes are not made.

They must:

  • Attend training if required
  • Have read and agree to the terms of the Statement of Secrecy
  • Act impartially at all times and respect confidentiality of material handled
  • Refrain from engaging in conversations with candidates or agents (at opening sessions)


Postal opening

As directed by a supervisor, clerks will work in teams. They will:

  • Count envelopes received
  • Open and check contents of envelopes
  • May be required to check data against a computer screen (instruction given)
  • Tally the number of ballot papers received

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