Elections held in the borough

About parliamentary elections

There are two parliamentary constituencies within the Hinckley and Bosworth area:

  • Bosworth
  • Charnwood (part)

Details of current Members of Parliament for the constituencies within the borough:

A general election is held across the country and a by-election is where an election is held to fill a vacancy when a person ceases to be an MP in between general elections.

The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 introduced fixed-term parliaments to the United Kingdom, with elections scheduled on the first Thursday in May of the fifth year after the previous general election. The act permits an early dissolution, but would require the House of Commons to; vote in favour of it by a two-thirds majority or by winning a vote of no confidence in the government. In the case of the government losing a no confidence motion, the election would be triggered if they fail to form a new government within 14 days after losing the motion.

The most recent general election was held on 12 December 2019. The next general election is expected to take place on 2 May 2024. More information: current elections

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