Maintaining the historic environment

Traditional street lighting

We have an annual budget to carry out environmental improvement schemes to help visually improve the borough.

Over the last 25 years, the programme has implemented a range of schemes, which often focused on the reinstatement of traditional features that have been lost in village centres and conservation areas.

Past projects have included:

  • The re-surfacing of jitties, footpaths, and car parks
  • Installation of cast iron heritage streetlights
  • Restoration of churchyard tombs and memorials
  • Provision of traditional street furniture, such as seats, heritage street name plates and litter bins
  • The display of plaques within conservation areas which help to draw attention from the public

Projects have also focused on the borough's conservation areas to try and retain and, in some cases, reinstate their traditional features. To this end, financial assistance has been given to help with the repair of stone walls to encourage their retention and to provide new walls built with traditional materials.

Partnership organisations

Organisations include:

Target areas have included the Markfield conservation area, the Hinckley town centre conservation area and the Druid quarter of Hinckley.

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