Burbage Common and woods

Stewardship scheme

Much of Burbage Common and woods is managed under an 'Environmental Stewardship Scheme' after a successful bid for funding from Natural England. The scheme encourages the managing of sites to help conserve and improve their wildlife value.

The main part of the common will continue to be managed as wildflower meadow. This means allowing the grasses and wildflowers to grow during the summer months to provide a habitat for insects, birds and small mammals. These flowers are then allowed to go to seed before cutting in late summer.

Grazing for cattle for short periods of the year will also be carried out in certain areas. The area known as Smenell Fields is currently managed as a wildflower meadow, which is cut after the flowers have seeded towards the end of July. The site is then grazed for the remainder of the summer to help maximise the number of wildflowers within the site and help to reduce the dominance of certain plant species. Over a number of years this will help to improve the diversity of plant species within this area.

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