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Hinckley is a vibrant market town centre with a strong local heritage. It serves its resident catchment area (55,000+), as well as local businesses and many visitors. The town benefits from a greater number of independent local and specialist retailers than most towns, as well as a very active programme of footfall-enhancing town centre events throughout the year. There is also a proactive, committed, and resourced approach to maintaining the town's value and quality to those it serves. 

The Town Centre Partnership (comprising the borough council, Hinckley business improvement district BID, retailers, services, County Council and our voluntary sector friends) works very hard to keep Hinckley ahead, using its own highly-accurate data on footfall, vacancies and activity to help determine where to focus its efforts and resources. 

Hinckley has fared better than many larger towns and city centres, which have become more reliant on national multiple-retailer representation. This is one of the many unique selling propositions that Hinckley town centre enjoys. This has been proven in Hinckley, with two long-standing major independent stores moving from Leicester city centre into Hinckley. Trading is buoyant, investment continues and we strongly believe that Hinckley town centre is the destination of choice.

Hinckley town centre encompasses over 400 businesses of all types and sizes. Our Town Centre Partnership offers the opportunity to work collectively together for the benefit of the town centre and, in turn, help individual businesses. If you are looking to establish a business in Hinckley, please contact us. We work with all agencies and can help to smooth your path, including planning, rates, premises, marketing, PR, footfall, events and much more.

The partnership's number one aim is to ensure that everyone has a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Through its working arm, Hinckley (BID) pro-actively supports, develops and hosts a wide range of events and professional activities.

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For more information about the Hinckley Town Centre Partnership and Hinckley BID please contact:

Steve Wegerif
Hinckley Town Centre Partnership - BID
76 Castle Street
LE10 1DD
Email: steve@hinckleybid.co.uk
Telephone: 01455 698494
Mobile: 07709 394841
Website: Hinckley BID (hinckleybid.co.uk)

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