When you are entitled to extra bedrooms

Disabled couples unable to share a bedroom

An extra room can now be allowed if a couple cannot share a bedroom because of a disability if:

  • They are unable to share a bedroom (they may be able to if they have two single beds) - it can be one or both disabled
  • If medical equipment is needed an extra room can be considered

One member of the couple must be in receipt of one of the following:

  1. Middle or higher rate care of disability living allowance
  2. Daily living personal independence payment
  3. Higher rate of attendance allowance
  4. Armed forces independence payment

If a qualifying benefit is not in payment or one has been claimed a discretionary housing payment can be considered.

Here is an example where we could consider allowing another bedroom:

A three-bedroom housing association property is occupied by a couple who cannot share a bedroom due to a disability and their son. An under occupancy of 14% currently applies to their housing benefit. We could allow:

  • One bedroom for each of the couple and
  • One bedroom for the son

By applying the changes to the size criteria rules means that the claimant is now entitled to three bedrooms and is no longer classed as under-occupying the property.

Last updated: ‎14/06/2023 11:41