Foster carers and people who work in the armed forces

Foster carers allowed another room

Approved foster carers who live in private or social housing are allowed one additional room under the size criteria rules when they apply for housing benefit. This applies if they are:

  • Approved foster carers who have a child placed with them
  • Approved foster carers who are between placements but only for a period of up to 52 consecutive weeks from the date of the last placement
  • Newly approved foster carers but only for a period of up to 52 consecutive weeks from the date of the approval, if no child is placed with them during that period

The foster carer must have a bedroom in their home which is in addition to those occupied by their household, for the additional room to be allowed in the size criteria.

If the foster carer requires more than one additional room for foster children, they can apply for additional support with their housing costs through discretionary housing payments.

An additional bedroom will only be provided where a foster carer is approved.

If the claimant or their partner ceases to be an approved foster carer or their approval is revoked, they will not be allowed the additional room under the size criteria. If you are a foster carer and you are under occupying your property, you will need to provide a letter of your approval as a foster carer from your social worker and we will re-assess your benefit.

Last updated: 14/06/2023 11:27