Transfer of a Hackney carriage or private hire vehicle


Existing Hackney carriage or private hire vehicle owners may need to apply for a transfer of their existing vehicle licence because they are:

  • Replacing their vehicle with a newer one
  • Replacing the vehicle with a temporary insurance replacement vehicle following an accident
  • Selling their vehicle to another driver who is licensed with us

Accident replacements

If you have an accident in your vehicle and you have a replacement hire vehicle, you must transfer your vehicle licence on to your hire vehicle and repeat this process to put your original vehicle back on the licence once your vehicle is fixed.

To ensure that the second part of this process is completed, we ask for your taxi/private hire licence plate back while the vehicle is being mended and we will return it to you when the transfer back onto the original vehicle is completed.

Last updated: ‎25‎/‎05‎/‎2022‎ ‎15‎:‎56‎