Refuse collection service

Information on the black wheeled bin service

These pages give details about the refuse service.

We are working very hard to provide information to residents and to improve the range of services to ensure that we protect the environment for future generations. We hope that residents will take part in our recycling initiatives, which we have made as easy as possible. If we all do our best to minimise waste and recycle as much as possible then together we can make a real difference. The related pages provide information on the recycling services.

General overview of the refuse service

Residents are provided with a black wheeled bin according to the number of permanent residents in the property as follows:

  • The traditional family size holds 240 litres - suitable for a family of three or four
  • A smaller bin holds 140 litres - suitable for two persons
  • The larger bin holds 360 litres and is available for families of five or six
  • Combinations of the above bins are available for much larger families

Calendars: recycling and refuse calendars are now available online. Find out the full pattern of your collections and download the calendar for your property. If you would like us to send a paper copy of the calendar to you by post, then please contact us.

Service standards

  • To provide the waste collection service on agreed scheduled days to all areas of the borough
  • Provide you with replacement waste containers within five working days
  • Collect a bin that we miss by the end of the next working day
  • Return your waste container to an appropriate position on your property boundary

If anything is unclear or hasn't been answered, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Last updated: ‎23/08/2022 14:06