Discounts for health reasons

People receiving care

You can claim a 25% discount if you are the sole adult left in the property after another adult has gone into a care home and won't be returning to the property or has gone to live with someone else to receive care.

If your property is empty because you have to go into a care home or living with someone to receive care and won't be returning, you can claim a full exemption.

As a relative or a friend, you can apply for the above discount or exemption on behalf of the person going into care.

How to apply

For this exemption please complete the form below.

Alternatively, visit change of circumstances and complete:

  • The change of address form if the property is now empty
  • Otherwise the change of occupancy form

If you use either of these forms, please ensure that you let us know where all correspondence should be sent, if not to the care home.

It takes up to 21 days to process your application.

Last updated: ‎09/02/2022 11:38