Students and under 18s


How to apply

If you live on your own or with other full-time students only, you can apply for a council tax exemption.

For this exemption, you need to be a full-time student who studies for over 21 hours per week, including private study time. The course should last for at least one year and you must go to college or university for at least 24 weeks in each year.

Alternatively, you could be a student doing a qualifying course that lasts for more than three months, which is not a higher education course and not carried out as part of your job. 

If you live in a property with one other adult and meet the criteria, then a 25% discount would be applied.

Before you apply

Read our guidance notes council tax discount/exemption (student)

If you think that you qualify for a student discount or exemption, please complete our online form:

Please note that following the link below to apply online will involve setting up an online account first. 

Apply for a council tax discount/exemption (student)

Alternatively, complete our online council tax contact form to request a paper application form which you can complete and return to us.

Please note: when you apply for this discount or exemption we will need your student certificate (you can upload this when you apply online).

Last updated: 22/01/2024 16:34