Rights to erect monuments/memorials


A temporary wooden cross or similar temporary marker may be placed on a grave for a period of 12 months following an interment. Once a memorial is erected the cross must be removed.

Only one headstone will be allowed on each grave. Additional vases and any other memorial or planting may be allowed if they are contained within the memorial channel. A full copy of the guidance, and advice notes on purchasing, and the aftercare of graves, are available on request. Please contact the office on 01455 238141 or complete our cemetery services contact form

No memorial placed in the cemetery may be altered, removed, or repaired in the cemetery without the prior written permission of council staff. All memorials must be installed by a mason registered to work in the council's cemetery. A list is available on request.

Application for permission to carry out memorial work must be made using the council's form, and contain full details of the proposed work. The application should be submitted to the council 10 working days prior to the intended date of completion of the work.

No work is to take place before 8am or after 4pm Monday to Thursday, or before 8am or after 3:30pm on a Friday. No work will take place on Saturdays, Sundays or public bank holidays.

The owner of the exclusive rights is responsible for the temporary removal and storage of a memorial while a grave is re-opened for an interment, and for the safe re-erection or replacement of the memorial.

The council reserves the right to remove neglected, damaged or decayed memorials.

For a full copy of Ashby Road Cemetery rules and regulations please contact the cemetery office on 01455 238141.

Last updated: 12/03/2024 11:23