Tenancy strategy


The council is concerned that affordable housing is used to meet the needs of the people in the borough with the greatest need for housing. This includes people who are unable to work, who are receiving benefits and those who are working but on an income too low to permit them to buy on the open market.

Until April 2011, all rents for affordable housing were calculated by a formula set by the Government (called target rents). However, in order to release money to invest in new affordable housing, from 2011 registered landlords can charge affordable rents, which are set at up to 80% of the private rent charged in the local housing market.

The council acknowledges the contribution that affordable rent can make to the choice available to people on the housing register, particularly those on low incomes to whom it is a more attractive proposition than private rented accommodation.

However, the council does not wish to see the demise of social rented properties since it believes that in some areas, and some property types, affordable rents may be too high at 80% of market rents to be a truly affordable housing product.

The council therefore wishes to see a supply of social rented housing to be available in the borough, particularly in rural areas, and for larger family accommodation where applicants may already have difficulties in accessing affordable accommodation. In particular, regard should be taken of what the local housing allowance limit is for the settlement.

In delivering a supply of new affordable housing for rent consideration should be given on a case by case basis as to whether the 'best fit' for the property type and location would be:

  • Social rent
  • Affordable rent at 80% of open market rent
  • Affordable rent at less than 80% of open market rent

Last updated: ‎04/04/2022 13:14