Parish election results 2023 Barwell

Barwell Parish - Redhall Ward

Number of seats: four

Candidate: BUCK Jim
Party: Labour and Co-operative Party
Votes: 178 ELECTED

Candidate: GRANGER Barry Michael
Party: Independent
Votes: 135

Candidate: KIRBY Tricia
Party: Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Votes: 142 ELECTED

Candidate: OLIVER Derek
Votes: 75

Candidate: PRATT Lesley
Votes: 87

Candidate: SIMMONS Michael
Party: The Conservative Party Candidate
Votes: 233 ELECTED

Candidate: SMITH Hazel
Party: The Conservative Party Candidate
Votes: 244 ELECTED

Candidate: WATSON Debbie
Votes: 88

Turnout: 22.87%

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: 5

  • Reason:
    • Want of an official mark: 0
    • Voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to: 0
    • Writing or mark by which voter could be identified: 0
    • Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty: 5

Unused votes: 954

Last updated: 16/05/2023 11:53:03