Elections 2024


Burbage Electoral Division of the County of Leicestershire, Thursday 2 May

Candidate: Rhiannon Carter
Description: Green Party
Votes: 138

Candidate: Maddie Lee:
Description: The Conservative Party Candidate
Votes: 880

Candidate: Jamie Ross
Description: Labour Party
Votes: 401

Candidate: Barry Walker
Description: Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Votes: 1,496 ELECTED

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election 2024, Thursday 2 May

Candidate: ASKARI, Fizza
Description: One Leicester
Votes: 7,104

Candidate: BORA, Aasiya
Description: Green Party
Votes: 23,649

Candidate: MATTHEWS, Rupert Oliver
Description: The Conservative Party Candidate
Votes: 62,280 ELECTED

Candidate: PALMER, Rory
Description: Labour and Co-operative Party
Votes: 61,420

Candidate: SHARPE, Ian Robert
Description: Liberal Democrats
Votes: 22,041

Turnout: 21.70%

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:

  • Total: 1,806
  • Reason:
    • Want of an official mark: 0
    • Voting for more than one candidate: 505
    • Writing or mark by which voter could be identified: 5
    • Unmarked: 424
    • Void for uncertainty: 872

Last updated: 03/05/2024 16:51